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Elettronic lock HL-C

Advanced RF Microwave technology RF Card -The master card can be programmed for each type of necessity in order to satisfy even the most...

Technical sheet
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  • Feature
    Elettronic lock
    Advanced RF Microwave technology    
    RF Card
     -The master card can be programmed for each type of necessity in order to
    satisfy even the most particular requests.  
     - All the operations of opening, key and card, are always recorded in the lock
    audit trail.
     - 15 different types of cards can be created so as to satisfy all the hotel staff
    - At the appointed check out hour the guest’s card will reset automatically and
    no longer allows the room opening.
    - Each guest’s card can be programmed to open more than one lock, depen-
    ding on the requirements of the hotel.
    - The card capacity  is 1024 bytes, divided into 16 sectors each one with inde-
    pendent password.
     - Each card has its own antenna and has a unique serial number of 32 bits.
     - The writing and reading distance is about 2.5 cm.
     - The average life of the card is around 100.000 operations.
    - Cards are antimagnetic, waterproof and antistatic.
     - It is possible to personalize cards with customer graphics.
    The Lock
     - Two types of finish are available: Satin Brass or Satin Chrome.
     - The locks is powered by 4-1,5 Vollts alkaline batteries size AA (not included).
     - Audit trail of the last 200 opening operations.
     - Panic proof device
     - There is also a key that in case of emergency can open the lock mechanically.
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